Eastbourne Rovers Club Officials

Meeting orgainiser: Janis Long

Recorder: Janis Long, Elaine Harrod

Starter: Stuart Pelling

Marksmen: Martin Baron (Level 1), Pete Standen (Level 1), Andy Payne, Barry Morris

Timekeepers: Mike Brandon (Level 2), Mike Thompson (Level 1)

Track Judges: Anna Chaplin (Level 1), Jayne Caplen (Level 1), Sue Keen

Field Judges: Angela Morgan (Level 2), Liz Brandon (Level 2), Brian Slaughter (Level 2), Eddie Dennis, Chris Dodd, Bob Sumison, Grahma Weir, Jason Martlew, Bryn Smith

Eastbourne are very grateful for all the help form other local club officials - Tony Roberts, Paul Emerson, Bob Willow, Keith May and Mandy Collison

At all our home matches we need parents and friends to help officiate to cover all the events and enable the match to run successfully.

‚ÄčInterested in becoming an official?

Choose your discipline: Track, Field, Starter/Starter’s Assistant, Timekeeper, Race Walking, Photofinish, Assistant Official (14+), Endurance 

‚Äč1. Attend a L1 course, including a Health & Safety module.
2. Keep a log of 4 experiences. Our open meetings are the perfect opportunity to practice and gain experience! You can backdate experiences from before you attended the course.  
4. Submit your log
5. Your licence should then arrive in the post!