We are very grateful to all the officials of the club who are willing to give up their time to help out. Whether you are an experienced Official or just interested in gaining a qualification, your help is very welcome and this page should contain some useful information. 

​Track Judge

Stuart Pelling


Stuart Pelling

Interested in qualifying to be an Official?

We cannot run our Home Meetings without technical officials and it is easy to get qualified.

​How do I get involved? 

Choose your discipline: Track, Field, Starter/Starter’s Assistant, Timekeeper, Race Walking, Photofinish, Assistant Official (14+), Endurance 

​1. Attend a L1 course, including a Health & Safety module.
2. Keep a log of 4 experiences. Our open meetings are the perfect opportunity to practice and gain experience! You can backdate experiences from before you attended the course.  
4. Submit your log
5. Your licence should then arrive in the post! 

​Once you are qualified as a L1 Official, there is no obligation to progress any further*, nor help out at any particular meetings. You may wish to help out at county-level fixtures to gain experience and confidence, working with a wide variety of athletes. 

​*Field Judges should be aware that to lead the long throws (Javelin, Hammer, Discus), a L2 qualification is needed.

​Interested in progressing through the levels? 

To progress to L2: A L1 Official needs to log a further 6 experiences, complete the L2 questions, have 1 report completed by a L3 Official. 

To progress to L3: A L2 Official needs to log a further 10 experiences, have 1 Regional report completed by a L4 Official.

To progress to L4: A L3 Official needs to log a further 30 experiences in a 2 year window, attend a L4 course, have 6 reports completed by a L4 Official. 

Level 5 Officials are on international lists and tends to be by invitation.