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  1. We are excited that we have returned back to training and have looked forward to seeing you all again. Hopefully going forward we will have an interrupted year and enjoy some great sessions, runs and competitions.

    Click on the fixtures tab to see what local competitions are available to book.

    Membership Fees April 2021 to March 2022 and our challenges

    Financially, we have had a challenging year 2020 to 2021. Lockdowns and restrictive training throughout the year has meant reduced membership numbers, coinciding with increased track fees. We reduced this year’s membership fee to consider the first lockdown, but we did not think it prudent to reduce any further to take account of subsequent lockdowns. Our main income is through your membership fees and overall, we made a slight loss during the year in terms of income and expenditure. As a Club we also maintained our full annual Club Affiliation fees to England Athletics, Sussex Athletics. We therefore had to reduce our reserves make up the loss.  

    These reserves are important for our Club as we need to be investing in the facilities like the throwing cage (£21K). We need to refurbish the cage so that it complies with UKA standards. Until then, it remains closed. By carrying out this work we will be able to offer throwing coaching sessions again. It also means we’ll be able to host track and field events. Our partners EBC, ESCC, Wave Leisure all have financial challenges and there is currently a freeze on all capital items which is likely to remain in place for the year.

    The good news is that we have been successful in being awarded a £5K grant from England Athletics and we’ll be funding the remainder out of our reserves. Our other challenge is ensuring all facilities including our 20-year-old track and all facilities meets UKA Trackmark Standards. There is a target date of 2023 for this.

    We will be working closely with our stakeholders to see how we can ensure current and future members can enjoy a fun and safe training environment. 

    As a Club we are looking at raising an additional £10k pa to pay into a Facilities Improvement Fund.  

    This is where you come in:

    • Have you any suggestions about fundraising, sponsorship?
    • Do you know anyone, any company or organisation that might be willing to help us?
    • Have you any fundraising ideas?     
    • Would you like to get more involved and join us?

    We are also asking for your support, generosity, and agreement to pay the annual subscription fees as soon as possible so we can plan and budget for the year ahead.       

    We are also looking at the pros, cons, and risks of applying for charitable status as this might help us with fundraising and manage any risks going forward.  Most Athletics Clubs, like ourselves, remain unincorporated and are governed by a constitution agreed or amended at the AGM, but some have already made the move to Charitable status and some Limited Companies.

    We are working with England Athletics on this issue, and we’d welcome your views on this.

    I am sure they will be some of you who are much more knowledgeable in effective fundraising, corporate law finance and VAT!   If you are, we’d love to hear from you. 


    Welcome to your New Committee and leads

    Sue Keen: Lead Coach: Child Welfare Officer

    Brian Slaughter: Club Secretary 

    Lucy Plant : Treasurer

    Anna Chaplin: Membership Secretary 

    Cara Maker:  Website, Social Media: Child Welfare Officer

    Chris Voice: Coach

    Russell Gardham: Lead Coach Road Running Section

    Zoe Gardham:  Lead Coach Road Running Section

    Stuart Pelling: SAL Team Manager

    Chris Dodd: Athlete

    Janice Long Athletics Meetings Organiser