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  1. For a cold, wet and windy morning, eastbourne athletes braved the cold and performed some amazing 5k's.

    The new wave system seemed to have worked really well, with 4 groups of 32 athletes going off every 30 sec in each race, and 4 different graded races.

    Results of today were:

    Ben Brown 17:50 5th U15

    Richard Jones 16:54 55th SENIOR

    James Stephen 18:06 14th U17

    IIya Korchev 18:51 3rd U13

    Richard Davis 18:06 19th V35

    Nicky Taylor 20:56 26th SENIOR (F)

    Mike Thompson 21:56 5th V60

    Emma Cooper 21:29 28th SENIOR (F)


    In the mini mile we had 1 athlete

    Katy Brown 6:35 and finished in 3rd place!

  2. Eastbourne Rovers Athletes adapt their training during the pandemic

    Eastbourne Rovers athletes are so disappointed to see the summer disappearing with no athletic competitions. By now the track and field athletes would have had league matches, the Sussex championships, some Southern area Championships as well as school events for the younger age groups. The Road runners would also have had the London Marathon as well as half marathons and other local road races.