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Eastbourne Rovers Track and Field report on Quadkids competition.


Eastbourne Rovers Athletic club U11 squad had a very successful evening competing in the UK Athletics Quadkids competition.

Each athlete had to compete in the 75m, vortex howler javelin, standing long jump, and 600m. Points were awarded for times and distances. The total then decided if athletes were level 1, level 2, bronze ,silver or gold.

First in the girls competition was Ruby Watkins winning both the vortex howler and the 600m.She gained maximum points which enabled her to take home  a silver medal. Also with silver medals were Sophie Homer and Asia Praski. Sophie won the girls 75m with a fantastic time of 12.4 secs and Asia shone in the standing long jump with 1m76.

Stella Wiley and Amy Phillips did well in the track events so gained enough points for bronze medals.

In the boys event Vinnie Hardly and Tommy Homer drew in first place and both achieved points for silver medals. It was also an exciting finale to the event as they crossed the line in a sprint finish in the 600m in 2m17. Jack shires was close behind and clinched enough points for a bronze medal.

Coaches Graham shires, Dylan Brudenell, Rose Chaplin and sue Keen were very proud of their athletes as they all achieved medal standard. After more training there may be gold medals next time.

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