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For a cold, wet and windy morning, eastbourne athletes braved the cold and performed some amazing 5k's.

The new wave system seemed to have worked really well, with 4 groups of 32 athletes going off every 30 sec in each race, and 4 different graded races.

Results of today were:

Ben Brown 17:50 5th U15

Richard Jones 16:54 55th SENIOR

James Stephen 18:06 14th U17

IIya Korchev 18:51 3rd U13

Richard Davis 18:06 19th V35

Nicky Taylor 20:56 26th SENIOR (F)

Mike Thompson 21:56 5th V60

Emma Cooper 21:29 28th SENIOR (F)


In the mini mile we had 1 athlete

Katy Brown 6:35 and finished in 3rd place!

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